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How to convert lit to PDF eBooks

A .lit file is a Microsoft reader eBook that was developed in 2000. The .lit is short form of literature and the file can easily be downloaded like any other program. Some of the features of .lit files are that they can be read on small screens as well as allowing quick note taking.

There are converters that are available for use in the event that a person may want to change the format of a file from one to the other. In this case, we will look at how to convert a .lit file to a PDF eBook.

• Choose the .lit files that you want converted and place them in a folder.

• Through performing a quick search online, choose any of the major converter tools that are available. Go through the options of each and see if they can convert .lit files to PDF eBooks. Choose the converter you want.

• You will also need an eBook reader, in this case Adobe and the kind of device you will be reading it from. You can choose either Nook or Kindle.

• Proceed to downloading the software that will be needed for the conversion.

• Pick out the file you want to convert, which is in this case .lit and follow the instructions to convert it.

• Once the conversion is complete, open it in the eBook reader which is in this case Adobe. Check if the file contains any characters that are abnormal. On the conversion tool there are some instructions that show you how to have these characters removed. Alternatively, if you have the time, you can go through the file manually and remove them.

• Save the file you’ve converted in a new folder and repeat the above steps until all the .lit files have been converted.

There are several reasons as to why it would be recommended that you use PDF eBooks instead of .lit file formats. Here are some reasons as to why some people prefer PDF formats;

• PDF’s can be opened on any system- this is seen with Windows, Linux, and Mac and even cell phones. They can easily be shared across any platform.

• It is easily compatible- in whatever size you convert a document to PDF, the latter will compress the document without leaving out any important information. It is also possible for you to compress a variety of documents into one folder.

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